Wednesday, 1 January 2014

What is Reiki? The system of Reiki healing is based on the idea of an invisible "life force energy" that flows through all of us -- the same force that is called 'prana' by the Hindus, 'chi' by the Chinese, 'mana' by the Kahunas and 'bioplasmic energy' by the Russian researchers. A lower-than-optimum level of this energy causes diseases and stress. Reiki works by restoring balance in the body's "life force". Made up of two Japanese Kanji -- 'Rei' and 'Ki', Reiki literally means 'spiritual life force'. Benefits of Reiki Reiki is a very effective and ancient energy healing technique that works by restoring balance and harmony at all levels of our body -- physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. Reiki not just cures diseases, but also improves our relationships and financial conditions. In today's hectic lifestyles, it is an extremely powerful tool for fighting mental & emotional stress. It is not only "curative" in nature, but also "preventive". Learning Reiki Reiki is not affiliated to any particular religion, nor does it require belief in the system to be effective. It is available to anyone who wishes to learn it. Reiki cannot be learnt by books or CDs or DVDs. Anybody interested in learning this art of healing must get "initiated" into the Reiki system (through a series of attunements) by a certified Reiki teacher.

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