Monday, 20 January 2014

Lama fera teacher and master in jaipur

How to learn lama fera
Lama–Fera :-Trained by the originator of Lama-Fera. A highly effective Buddhist healing technique of Tibetan Lamas, specially used in eliminating spirits from human bodies and houses etc., though otherwise used for normal healing.
 i) Lama-Fera Master  Healer course :- Course duration–1 day.  with 1 Healer Attunement.
 ii) Lama-Fera MasterTeacher course :- Course duration-1 day. with 2 Teacher Attunements.
Lama Fera is taught in Two Levels:1) Master Healer Level
§  Introduction and History of Lama Fera
§  Study of Chakras
§  Explanation and Use of Healing Kit
§  Healing Method for self and others
§  6 powerful symbols & their use
§  Level I attunement
2) Master Teacher Level
§  6 more powerful symbols and their use
§  Lama Fera Attunement process for Level I, II and III
§  Attunement of Level II and Level III
Contact for lama fera +91-9782445566 Annant Sharma

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