Monday, 8 December 2014

Learn Reiki in Jaipur

ntroduce ur life with Miraculous Energy of Reiki.
Learn Reiki Level I and II in just two days and get the blessings of life in the form of HEALTH, WEALTH, PROSPERITY, PEACE OF MIND, GOOD RELATIONSHIPS etc. etc. etc.....
Reiki for Self Care: Practical, Everyday Applications:
Some practical application of Self-Reiki include: preparing yourself for the day, using Reiki for calm in traffic, ten minutes of Reiki for added calm before you go to sleep, five minutes before a meeting or presentation, five minutes of Reiki before calming and assisting others, and an infinite array of situations.
You may use Reiki in preparing meals, gardening, with your pets and family too. But always remember that self-care is important to keep you at your best, so a few minutes of self-Reiki a day can do wonders.
In Reiki Self-Care you may use Reiki for Personal Growth, Healing and Wellness

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